I did it. I stepped away from the blogging world. (And I lived to tell the tale?) And look how beautiful I got! To tell the truth, I just lost the motivation, the inspiration, the everything-ation. Did I ever tell you that in high school algebra or something stupid, some friends and I started making a list of all of the words we could possibly thing of that ended in "ation". It was pages long. We were geniuses. Obviously not at math, but we all know we never really use math in real life, at least not without calculators. 

So why am I coming back? Or am I actually coming back? I don't know. I miss being creative. I miss writing down things that are happening in my life. As much of a pain it can be to write all of these little details, it helps me to live in the moment because I know I'll write about it later and more can be captured in a few paragraphs than in a photo. I don't want to be that person (well, now it's basically all people) who live through their phone screen. So I'm here. And I'm going to force myself to write a lot more. 

A lot of things have happened this year. I got a job as a personal trainer, we spent months searching for and then buying our first home, we renovated pretty much the entire house (it's still in progress). The boys started kindergarten and it didn't really phase any of us. We moved into the house. And now here we are. New house, new beginnings? 

If you don't follow me on Instagram, that's probably your best bet to get caught up. I think I want to delve into life as a home owner, maybe some landscaping stuff, remodeling projects, and a lot more fitness stuff.  

I look forward to seeing a lot more of all of you! I've missed it here.