Isaiah gets a hair cut. (and got even more handsome)

Since the boys were born Chikezie and I have had this image in our head of having two little boys with big hair.  I love the idea of wild and natural hair, especially when it's so curly. We became very committed to letting it grow long despite all the questions and comments from people asking us "when are you going to cut their hair?" Surely little boys can't have long hair, right? 

We let their hair grow long for about three years before it finally became a lot of work for me. Their hair is so curly and they have a lot of it, which means even more prep time in the tub. Washing/conditioning/combing through it in the tub would take me about a half an hour and my arms would be so tired by the end. The work was even more when they started preschool and would come home with sand, sticks and leaves in their little afros. Getting sand out of that hair is nearly impossible. 

I began trimming it last year, just keeping it long-ish but cutting it to a more manageable level. Still, they'd come home from school with just a head of straight up dirty hair. It was just so much work for me that the idea of these two little boys with big hair just didn't seem so appealing anymore. When they are old enough to start taking care of their own hair they can decide what they want, but for now it's up to the person taking care of the hair. 

I'd contemplated cutting one of the boys hair and it was a pretty easy decision: Isaiah. The kid hates when I mess with his hair at bath time. Screaming, angry. It's such a battle with him and when I laid a towel out on the living room floor one afternoon and asked if I could cut his hair, he came and sat down. 

About an hour later, a ton of hair on the floor, using both scissors and the trimmer, and a couple of little mess ups, Isaiah emerged from his first big hair cut a happy boy. 
He's so proud of his hair he had to tell everyone he met that he got a new hair cut. 
Now for anyone worried about their precious hair, Julian is insistent he doesn't want a hair cut. So his will remain in its current wild and big state for the foreseeable future. (And it's much easier for me to manage just one boy's long hair than two.)

They now look a little bit more like brothers and a little bit less like identical twins. (They're not identical.) They now have some hair that reflects a little bit more of who they are, Isaiah clean and regimented, specific and outgoing. Julian, unique and independent, a bit of a wild card and goes to the beat of his own drum. 

Since the very beginning it's always been all about their hair and now the hair on top fits the the boy underneath a bit more.

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