Happy Birthday, Husband.

Today is your birthday. This photo was taken nine years ago today. That night we (a little bit drunkenly) shared our first "I love you" after exactly one month of dating, and only slightly longer than that of having even known each other. I fell hard and fast for you.

You're silly and your laugh is contagious. Gosh, you're just so funny, probably the funniest person I know. You know just when to use your humor to lighten the mood or to get me to just chill out, and it's not even on purpose...it's just the way you are. And it doesn't hurt that you have such a gorgeous smile. I mean? Good job, college Mandey. 

You're smart. But not only are you smart, you're creative. Sometimes people who are so smart lack creativity but your brain just works in the most interesting way that I'm still learning about you almost ten years later. You like to keep things simple on the surface but beneath the smiles and jokes you're such a complex and caring man. 

You have such a big heart, a stubborn and strong willed mind and and and...I just love your face. You're such a good daddy, you work so dang hard and even if you leave your socks in the living room all the time I couldn't imagine picking up after anyone else. 

Thank you for doing the past nine years of your life with me. Happy Birthday, husband. 

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