Halloween Recap

Halloween came and went so fast this year. This was the first year the boys actually chose what they wanted to be and the for the first time had a definitive opinion on everything. They really wanted to be Octonauts, a British cartoon series that airs on Disney Jr. It's about these little animals that explore and learn about the ocean. The boys have been obsessed with it for well over a year (and have learned quite a bit about the ocean from it) so it was perfectly fitting they decided to be these guys for Halloween:

Captain Barnacles, the brave polar bear leader of the Octonauts. And Kwazii, the renegade pirate cat. 

These costumes were a bit tricky because you can't buy them and there aren't a lot of examples on Pinterest to go off of, so I really had to just wing it. I think it turned out pretty well.
Isaiah was pretty much obsessed with having a tail. Julian just liked the little compass on his shirt. I later added an eye patch for Isaiah because he was insistent on having one.

We went to a costume party over the weekend and they had a little costume parade at school on Thursday. Friday it was pretty chilly and rainy but it all cleared up by trick or treat time and we went out. 

I thought they'd be all about trick or treating since they'd talked it up so much in the days preceding but as soon as we hit the first house Isaiah got massive stage fright and wouldn't say anything. Julian managed to squeak out a, "Trick or Treat" but for the most part they were both pretty quiet. 
When we got home I let them eat 3 pieces of candy and then had them eat actual, real life food. In the past they've been known to actually throw up if they have even a bit too much sugar so they were cool with keeping it minimal. (VERY thankful for laid back kids.)

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