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Life has been a tad bit crazy the past few weeks and October has completely flown by. I think the driving force behind the craziness is that I found out I was accepted to be a vendor at the Patchwork Show in Oakland on November 16. Let's be honest, I'm super freaking excited and also super freaking out. I have an 8x8 foot booth and I have no idea how much I may or may not sell. This is my first big show, yeeee!

So since I'm one for trying to be like, crazy different and I set unrealistic and super high goals for myself, my goal for the show is to have a kick-ass booth. I've been looking up some inspiration on Pinterest for some really awesome displays and decided I'm going to build a house frame made out of PVC pipe, and the frame itself is going to be the display. Last week I worked on it for a bit and this is what I came up with:
Now, I'm going to add some horizontal bars to it and MAYBE some shelves? I'm trying to make sure it's super easy to put together and take down without being confused about what piece goes where. I plan on having only one table inside and will hide my extra inventory in some black ikea file boxes that will have a decorative look and also hide the extra without having to have a table cloth on a table. 

Here is some of the display inspiration I've found on Pinterest:
I thought about doing something like this but it's a little too complicated for me to do at the moment and I really like the house idea.

I love the simplicity of this house frame and the contrasting color. My shop items are all very colorful so with a white frame it gives it kind of the opposite effect. 

I can't wait for all of this to come together and to see what the final display ends up looking like. I'm kind of making it up as I go, so the end look will be just as much a surprise for me. My goal is to be able to use this for fairs in the future and because the PVC is in many pieces I can use what I already have to build different sized displays based on whatever space I have. 

So, on to a new chapter of business for me. Seeing people face to face and watching them judge what you've made is a little unnerving, but I really think this might be where I can really let my personality show through my display and you know... in person. Sometimes it's nice to see the person who made the goods you're about to buy. It gives the items a story and a little bit more meaning, and is what I really love about the handmade world to begin with. 

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