they don't have to be perfect to be perfect

The past couple of weeks I've been trying to make more of an effort to pick up my camera and just shoot. I don't care if it's perfectly composed or the right lighting or even in focus. As I look back on old photos I've come to realize I don't care about any of those things, and really the only reason I take photos at all is so I can look back often. I'm a little bit nostalgic. Ok, a lot. 

The late afternoon sun that comes in the kitchen windows is the best. Well, the worst for seeing dust on everything I own but it makes for the most beautiful lighting. 

These were from when we went to the circus. I wanted at least one photo on my camera with at least the one kid who was up for taking photos. Selfies with DSLR's are really difficult. 

Isaiah loves having his picture taken. He said, "Mommy take my picture, I say cheese!" This stage will probably be short lived so I'll steal as many photos as I can.

It's so amazing watching your children see the wonder in the simplest things. Julian found this little pile of goose down from all of the geese frequenting the park by our house. He sat there for a few minutes holding them up, watching how it turned and moved in breeze and then watched intently as they flew away.

Isaiah hates being dirty. Even a wet spot on the cement had him pulling up his clearly already too short pants.

Julian loves to run. This kid. He always has to be first, ahead of all of us when we're walking together. His brother could care less, always 10 feet behind the pack, stopping to look at everything that catches his eye. But Julian has this deep internal need to be first. He was born first, I'm guessing that has something to do with it.

Wherever they go, it's together. I didn't have any siblings until I was 11 and even then, they weren't playmates. Getting to watch these boys have exactly what I never did (and always wanted) is seriously the biggest and best thing I could ever imagine. 

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