slowly growing out a pixie = awkwardness

I'm really doing it this time, I'm growing out my hair. I've said this for a really long time but between bleaching it continuously and getting a lot of "trims" it really hadn't grown much up until a few months ago. It's not that I was trying to keep it short, it just starts to get really awkward for me, really fast. 

A little over a month ago I reached the ponytail stage. And by ponytail stage I just mean two little tiny pigtails that contained about 3 hairs long enough to fit in a small elastic band that had no idea what was going on because it hadn't been used in a year.
It was a little weird. The top half really isn't pulled back- the layers just sit there there, sad they can't reach the ponytail party. This felt like a major life accomplishment for me. 

A couple of weeks later I went in for a trim and most of that long stuff was cut off. I'm essentially trying to keep trimming the back/bottom so the top layers can grow. This is pretty much the only way to avoid a mullet. So these sad little piggy tails were gone just as soon as they arrived. 

The bleaching was constantly frying the ends of my hair so I just decided to go dark with it again. My stylist matched the dark to my roots, so this is pretty much my natural color. I'd also been playing with the idea of throwing a bright color in, just so it wasn't a plain brown. (When has my hair ever been boring?) We used the existing blonde and colored it a combination of pink and red, making it this really pretty/bold red. 

Other ways I've been helping my hair during this awkward grow out stage? Headbands. They hide everything. I barely have to do anything to my hair, I just throw one of these on when my hair is greasy or not-fixed. 

This day I attempted some big wavy curls and it ended up looking REALLY stupid and I didn't have the time or energy to fix it so I just threw the headband on. It helped flatten the wildness.

The red has been interesting to maintain. I'll work on a post about preserving color but one of the main things is that I can't wash it much. So on oily gross days, twists like this one work well because they just stick.  (don't mind the photo of my shoes. They're just my favorite and I had to share lol)

I'm going to try to post some progress photos over the next few months to hopefully show some somewhat graceful ways to grow out a pixie cut. Or it could just end up being really awkward and weird looking. Either way, fun for all!

Have you ever had to grow out a pixie? HALP with all the advice!

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