on fitness. and joining a gym. and finding my passion. and being strong.

So I joined a gym. I've been avoiding doing this for quite awhile and even built myself my own little makeshift home gym in my garage. The hard thing about having a gym in your garage though, especially when you're a stay at home mom who is living in an area where I have very few in-real-life friends is that I very rarely ever interact with other adults. It's sad. 

When we moved to this house I joined the 24 Hour Fitness about a mile from our house and really enjoyed it for about a minute. Then realized how freaking packed it is virtually at all hours. Now, I'm an outgoing person but I don't do well in crowded places. I get claustrophobic. I like small groups. I like my space. It was nearly impossible to ever even find a parking space at this gym and I stopped going. Months later I finally decided to set up a little gym in my garage.

The garage gym has been great, it's a little escape for me when I can't leave the house. We only have one car so on days my husband takes the car to work, I don't have an excuse to not pop in a work out video or do some resistance training in my garage. This has worked pretty well for me for a few months until I recently decided to step it up with my fitness and life goals. I want to finally get my personal trainer certification. 

So I joined a gym. And the funny thing is, it's a women's gym. It's called Total Woman Gym (and Spa, although this location doesn't have a spa...boo!). It's brand new and super clean and nice inside. As expected there's a TON of cardio machines because you know, most women are afraid of lifting weights. It hasn't been super busy, there's usually only a hand full of people lifting so I have that much needed space. There are tons of classes, child care and it's just overall at good gym. 

Now, I was a little apprehensive my first day working out because let's be honest, there were a lot of older ladies there just walking away on the treadmills and haphazardly pumping away on the weight machines. Was this going to be a good place for me? 

Today I learned a very important lesson about being on your own fitness journey and to not judge a book by it's cover. I had a pretty small window to get a good work out in and wanted to get some lifting and cardio in. There was a spin class at 9 and I wasn't sure if I'd be done with weights in time and contemplated just roughing it on the treadmill (I freaking hate the treadmill). I opted to not waste a second on the weights and pumped out as much as I could by the time the spin class started. When I walked in the room I immediately thought it was going to be a mistake because the woman leading the class was about 65 and a tiny little thing. "How on earth is this going to be a challenge?" I thought. 

Sister proved me wrong, and quickly. And I learned that spin, and fitness is a lot about pushing yourself to your own personal limit, not to what everyone else is doing. She set the pace and told us what to do and it was my job to push myself the rest of the way. I burned almost 700 calories in that hour. (I thought the lady on the bike uncomfortably close to me was about to die. She was moaning and gasping from the start and I really wanted to tell her to slow down.)

What was interesting about the class was that 4-5 people quit. They just straight up left the class. And in those moments, as they were walking out I was reminded of WHY I want to be a personal trainer. I want women to know they're strong. I don't want them to give up when their brain is telling them it's too hard. We can birth children out of our privates for shit's sake, for sure we can survive a 45 minute spin class. 

I want to help women realize how strong they truly are. That their bodies can do amazing things when they believe they can and concentrate. I want women to lift weights, to lift heavy weights and not be afraid they're going to get manly. Because they won't. I'm tired of hearing words like "tone" and "long, lean muscles". No. You're building muscle or you're not. Your body will determine the shape of those muscles. I want to teach women that just being small isn't important but being healthy and strong is. I know I'm still finding my own way with my body after changing so much in 9 months and it's taken me awhile to get in my groove but I'm hoping with my experiences I can connect with others going through similar struggles. 

I don't know where I'm going with this. I just wanted you to know I joined a gym. And I'm excited about where life is taking me right now. And that I'm glad this passion has started to bubble to the surface again. It feels so good to have found this drive. 

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