Life Lately.

I feel like we've been moving in fast forward this summer. How are we nearing the end of August already? I feel like it literally just started, but when I try to think back to the beginning of the month it feels like so long ago. Time, I do not understand you. (insert Hootie and the Blowfish song here)

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to in the past few weeks via Instagram.

Our neighborhood had it's yearly ice cream social. The boys chowed on some ice cream and played with these other boys that live on our street. We live on a small cul de sac and only 2 other families with kids. One of the other families is another set of twin boys! They speak mostly French so it was hilarious to watch them interact with the boys. 

*On a side note- I took some old clothes and toys over to their messily-beared, strong french accent father (he looks like a gray haired version of Santa lol) the following day and he answered the door in his extremely tight underwear and continued to stand there and talk to me in the driveway in them like it wasn't a thing. It. Was. Weird.

The boys started at the new Montessori preschool by our house. It's only 4-5 blocks away so on days I don't have errands to run after I drop them off, I can take them over there on the bike. They go 5 mornings a week now instead of the 3 mornings they were doing at their old preschool. They've been going for a week and a half and it's amazing. They love it there so much, they often don't notice or care that I'm there to pick them up and when I drop them off there hasn't been a single tear. Often times they don't even stop to hug me before they're off to play. I was nervous about the transition, and it's a little more expensive than their last preschool but it has been amazing so far. Really a decision I'm happy we made for them.

They sat completely silent looking through color books for a good 10 minutes. This needed to be documented and I'll never forget it. Complete silence is like a unicorn. 

We got a piano! Best purchase of the year. The boys love it, love singing and playing songs on it. I've spent so much time at it this week just trying to get myself back up to speed since it's been so long since I played. My hands and wrists are tired but our hearts are full of music. 

We took the boys to the circus. (And had fantastic box seats thanks to a work friend.) I'm never quite sure how I feel about the circus and haven't been since I was little...but we had the opportunity so we went. The boys really liked it and ate their weight in popcorn. I left feeling a little guilty and depressed. Not sure we'll take them again. 

I used the dirty piano box to make the boys a fort. They loved it. There's about a million Pinterest tutorials on how to make these super intense cardboard box forts for your kids that require lots of money and time to create. Come on, it's a cardboard box. I cut a hole in it, used the cardboard from the hole and made a sign. Done. 

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