Hawkeye flashback!

Hawkeye football starts tomorrow! I love it, I love it, I love it. And in honor of that love, here's a little flashback for you from the first time we took the boys to the football complex and got a tour from Uncle Chic. The boys are so darn cute, and if we can brainwash them enough, they'll be Hawkeyes one day themselves. (Just kidding. Maybe.) Go Hawks!

 With grandma and the Orange Bowl trophy.

 In the weight room. Working on some guns.  Julian is more like, "Why is there a giant rock in the middle of this walkway?".

 Julian in his 3 point stance in the Hawkeye stadium locker rooms. This photo is EPIC. 

 Isaiah not impressed by being in the press box with Uncle Chic.

Isaiah judging the locker room.

Isaiah practicing sprints on the field. 

 Isaiah imagining himself in his helmet one day.

 Becoming best friends with Herky. 

Doing some leg work in the bubble.

Weighing-in in the practice locker rooms. 30 pounds! 

 Julian learning how to tackle. 

 Getting everyone pumped before they run down the tunnel.

THE SWARM! Running out of the tunnel lol. 

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