f#$king fleas.

I feel like I haven't stopped moving since last Friday. Well, really I haven't. I had a plan to get my headbands up in the shop but those plans got pushed back for a minute. Right now, the biggest thing happening in life, we have fleas. Yes, fleas.  Fucking. fleas. 

I was experiencing bites on my feet and ankles a couple of weeks ago and chalked it up to there being a spider or something in our sheets (gross, but manageable). I spent that day washing all of our sheets and blankets. After that I didn't seem to notice it much. 

This week, I started to notice it again but this time worse. I had at least 15-20 bites on each foot. I know what mosquito bites looked like, they weren't mosquito. 
After getting fed up of being eaten alive, I finally called the exterminators to help me figure out what was going on. Mama ain't got no time to be messing around with this shiz. These bites were SO itchy, I wanted to figure out the problem before it started effecting everyone else in our house.

The guys came and looked at the bites, saying they looked like they could be flea bites. They searched our house and didn't find any fleas. We went outside by the tall fir-ish trees outside our rooms and by our garbage cans (where I make trips daily). Within minutes of being outside we found our lower pants covered in fleas. SO DISGUSTING. 

After fighting my initial guttural reaction to burn my entire house to the ground, I had the exterminators take care of business.  They sprayed liquid flea death all around outdoors with a spray that will stay active for a while. It'll kill all of the adult fleas and will again kill the eggs when they hatch in 2-4 weeks. They said there may be a slight flare up at that time. (oh great.) In the mean time I was told to wash our bedding, any clothes there were out, clean rugs, upholstered furniture, etc. You know, because I'm not busy or anything.
I threw all our bedding and rugs outside in a huge pile and sprayed them. And then washed (and dried) them all. My goal was to fry everything that could be on them. I did laundry all day yesterday and have probably 3 more loads today. I'm exhausted. And itchy. 

I also SCRUBBED the boys' and our bedroom. The floors needed it anyways, and I know it might not do much but I just felt so grossed out. It was about 8pm and I'd had the longest, itchiest of days when I was feverishly scrubbing the floor in our bedroom and a freaking flee jumped on me. I about lost my shit. 

This has been the cycle of the past few days. As soon as I feel calm about the situation, as soon as I feel it may not be as bad as I'm imagining it is, then one of those little fuckers jumps out of nowhere to crush my soul. 


UPDATE: I started this post on Day 2. Today is Day 3, I've purchased a new and more powerful vacuum to get the floors and rugs. (The one we had was barely working.) AND a new steam mop. If they're on my floors anywhere, they're going to be toast. I'm nearly through all the laundry. Caught 2 fleas on the trap in our bedroom since last night. I will not lose this war lol. 

Have you had to deal with fleas in your house? Even with hardwood floors? And with no pets? How horrible was it? Please, humor me.

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