a trip to the aquarium

Mentally, I've been trying to make more of an effort lately to take the boys out and experience things as a family on weekends. It's easy to get stuck in a constant routine on weekends of staying home and relaxing, getting things done around the house. Before we know it, it's been a month and we haven't gone on any adventures.
This past weekend we took a drive to Monterey Bay Aquarium, about an hour and a half drive from our house. Chikezie has been bugging me about going for weeks and I kept putting it off. "I have sewing to do this weekend." "I need to get my shop updated." I was getting overwhelemed with all of the things I need to do but really, I just needed a break with my family.

 It was a beautiful cloudy, foggy day. I love the fog by the bay. It feels like clouds to me, and if you know me, cloudy days are my favorite. We found a cute restaurant right on the water and dined on burgers, grilled cheese and fries. 

We watched the boats and birds go by. They talked about the waves and the sail boats being pirate ships. It felt so good to be at the edge of everything. I forgot how much I need to be out in the open air, and how much city life weighs down on this country girl.
After we were nice and fueled up, we walked to the aquarium. Now, going to a crowded area with two little boys who are impatient and energetic has it's challenges. I'd like to say taking them on adventures is all fun, but it is a lot of work. Isaiah needs constant stimulation. He won't stand and look at one thing for long before wanting to go to the next. This presents a few challenges for all of us, but Chikezie and I kind of took turns being dragged around by him. Julian on the other hand, is a quiet observer. He could stand at one window and watch the jellyfish swim around for hours. I really wanted him to be able to move about at his own pace. 

With as busy as the day was, experiencing life through the eyes of your child is one of the true wonders of life. Everything is fresh and new again, like you've never seen it before. I suppose I get more excited than the boys because watching them experience things is probably better than experiencing it myself. 

After the aquarium we walked around the Monterey Cannery district for a bit and had to take a short walk in the sand to see the waves. For being California born, these boys sure do hate sand. Neither one of them wanted to walk in it (they hate it in their shoes), and they are just both generally unimpressed by the ocean. I mean, it's awesome to look at from a distance, but up close? No thanks. 

We stood there for a few minutes, long enough to feel the ocean breeze and smell the fresh/fishy ocean air. Chikezie loves the beach, though. If he could have, he'd have put his feet in the water. I love that about my husband, how he likes just sit sometimes, and admire. I decided we needed a quick family photo of this much needed adventure, and this selfie was about as good as it gets. 

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