the evolution of a fit girl: part 2

Yesterday I talked a little bit about how I got where I am. I talked about how I struggled to find a way to keep my body healthy after having twins and then again after suffering a lower back injury.

Today is going to be a different kind of story. 

Last summer a Beachbody coach friend of mine asked if I'd like to be part of a challenge group she'd started on Facebook. I'd had my eye on the Insanity program for such a long time but had told myself (and listened) to that stupid voice in my head telling me that I wasn't strong or fit enough. I told myself I should at least be in somewhat good shape to even attempt this program. But something finally switched off in my brain and I said screw it. My will is strong and my body is stronger than I give it credit for. I'm doing this.

And I did. Well, almost all of it until I ended up taking a long vacation to Iowa and forgot the DVD's at home. Whoops. But check this out. This was ONE MONTH of results. 
It was hard, oh yes. But I did it, little ole me. 
Since then, once again, life has happened. There were periods where I just didn't care what I ate and didn't work out at all. There were fat days, days of hope and motivation and all the days in between. 

With all of these ups and downs has been one huge victory for me, I learned that I'm strong enough. I learned that I CAN do it. What the Insanity program gave me was the proof that the athlete was still somewhere in me, that just because I'd been hurt once didn't mean I wasn't strong enough to get past it. I re-found my passion to stay healthy and strong. 

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because now instead of just being a participant in a Beachbody program, I'm also a Beachbody coach. I want to help other women re-realize their strength. There are a million ways I could probably go about doing it but I'm choosing this way, through Beachbody. Why? Because it worked for me and I can tell you my story. By continuing to work out and by sharing my journey with all of you, I'm hoping I can help someone else get to this place I've reached. 

I want you to see that I'm a normal person. I share my life through this blog, you've all followed me through the good and the not as good. I'm not ripped. I have lots of body fat. Did you know that according to my Aria scale, my body fat is 34%? Did you know that for women, anything over 32% is considered obese? OBESE! I'm technically obese. I'm an obese woman who is 5'9", 170lbs, wears size 12 pants, has the measurements 35-29-41. See? Normal person.
Me, completely normal, just a couple of weeks ago.
Now I know what you're thinking, or I can probably tell you what I was thinking before I started any of this nonesense. I thought of Beachbody coaches as salesmen. I still think a lot of coaches are too sales pitchy. I understand that it's a business for a lot of people but I really just don't operate that way. Also? I already have my own handmade business. I don't have a lot of time to be selling something else. 

But this? Feeling good is important to me. I've learned my lessons over the past few years and am ready to help support anyone who is willing to hitch a ride on this train with me. I'm starting my very first challenge group on June 30. It lasts for 60 days via Facebook and is essentially just a place of support of a few people going through the same thing. The challenge group is what got me going and I think if you're someone who needs to be accountable to someone else, it's a good route to go.
After a home-gym work out. About a week after those photos above were taken. I've lost almost 6 inches just from around my midsection. Woot!

Are you interested? Let me know. Just want to keep following along? That's cool, too. But I have to tell you that if you can relate to ANYTHING I posted today or in Part 1, I think this would help you reach whatever goals you have for yourself. You can pick which workout you'd like to do and just go through it with a bunch of us. 

I'm going to be doing the 21 Day Fix because my eating habits are something I really want to focus on this go-around. If you have any questions about what this all entails- you can email me at mandey.ejiasi (at) And you can totally visit my coach website to browse around/check it all out for yourself :)

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