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Summer has started out being the busiest part of my year to date. I think maybe being in Iowa for a month really kind of threw my life off and now that I've been home for a month I feel like omgineedtodoallthethingsimmediately. It's exhausting. But a good exhausting. 

Summer is a happy exhausting.

Here in the SF bay area it's pretty much always beautiful out but so far this summer has been exceptional. And with the beautiful weather comes my need to take the boys outside and do stuff because they are driving me crazy love the fresh air. But with all this time outside, it's been difficult for me to find time to find balance in the rest of my life. 

The boys are still in preschool three half days a week because the socialization is awesome for them and for their speech development. Also, I need to be alone sometimes. So it's a win for all of us. They come home from school obnoxiously dirty and whining for food, I pick them up wishing I'd had actually done something productive in the 3 hours they were gone. Summer school is awesome!

Ok, but really. There's nothing like staying up late with the sun, playing catch outside with two little boys learning how to play baseball, bike rides, feeling the sun on your skin, digging in the garden, eating all the fruit and drinking all the tea, perfect summer days. 

Summer is a happy exhausting.

What has been happy exhausting for all of you this summer? Because Team Happy Mamas has something NOT exhausting for you. A $125 happy giveaway!

Go over to Instagram and share a photo of your Summer Happy for a chance to win a$125 gift card to Target or Amazon. Because, duh.
To enter: Upload a photo to Instagram that shows us some summertime joy.  Tag the photo #HappyMamaSummer and be sure to tag @thedudemom. (She's our leader.)  If you’re private you’re going to have to unprivate yourself for this one peeps.  Only those images that are tagged correctly and visible will be considered because otherwise we won’t know to count you!  One winner will be randomly selected to choose where they want to get their shop on at!
Alternate Entry Option: Anyone who links up a Happy Mama post this month will also automatically be entered to win! Share those Happy Mama moments with us!

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