Stitchfix #8

Y'all, it's been AWHILE since I blogged last. But you can be sure my monthly Stitchfixes to give me something to write about.

If you haven't heard of Stitchfix here are the deets: 
1) Go the link, sign up and fill out all the info they ask for about your personal tastes, they'll hook you up with a stylist who'll send you a box with 5 items that they think will look great on you, based on what you tell them.
2) Pay a $20 styling fee which includes the box shipped to you and goes toward your purchase should you choose to keep anything in the box. 
3) Get your box (which you can set up on auto for once a month or schedule them as you wish) and try on your items! You have 3 days to decide and there's a free shipping bag included to send back what you don't want.

I can't say enough about how much I love this service. I look forward every month to what surprise I'm going to get in my box and just really enjoy trying clothes on from the comfort of my own home. Oh, and let's not forget the outfit suggestions they send with each piece, so you know exactly how to wear it and can find things from your closet to put together.

Here's what I got this month:

This dress is lightweight, flowy and II really like the fun patterns. As a mom, I'm not crazy about the short length and with the boys I'd probably wear some shorts underneath. Right now it's a little bit cool out, and I'd probably pair this with a jacket of some sort but wanted to show the dress so added a hat/scarf/tall boots to warm it up a little bit. The only thing I'm not crazy about with this one is the sleeves. I have wide shoulders and anything other than a longer sleeve or no sleeve at all just makes my shoulders look wider.

I really like the faux-leather sleeves on this shirt. Other than that, it's just too short and too boxy for me. I did my best to dress it up a little bit, the style of the shirt is awesome but the shape is just not for my body.

This dress fits like a dream and I love the bright colors. Once again, it's a little short but it's great for this time of year when I can pair it with tights and boots and feel covered up!

I definitely love me a good denim jacket. This one has lots of stretch in it and is good for wide shoulders like mine. The color is great and yeah. I really like this one.

UM, Stitchfix has BAGS now. This was the first one they've sent me and omg hearteyesallovertheplace. Seriously. The color, and the zipper detail is to die for. It has an expandable zipper. The flap that folds over is another zipper pouch. It zips closed inside. There's also 2 straps, one long that detaches and a shorter one for over the shoulder. My favorite stitchfix item so far I think.

Want to give it a try? There's nothing to lose, even if you only do it once, it's a super fun experience. GO HERE to read more and sign up!

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