opinions needed! time for some hair tutorial videos?

Since cutting my hair short over a year ago, I've had so much fun experimenting and learning how to style it. I'd never had pixie-short hair before and it's been quite the adventure figuring it all out. I've cut more times than I can count, dyed it even more than that, and really just been having a blast playing. 

Based on the popularity of my hair posts on Instagram, I've been contemplating doing some hair tutorial videos here on the blog. I'm so over this DIY trend that everyone and their dog jumped on once Pinterest was invented because I feel like it kind of sucked the life out of blogging and turned a lot of genuine bloggers with good content into traffic pushers...but I really feel like this may be a subject I know a little bit about, have some good ideas on and I think some of you may be interested in.

I've been trying to find my blogging chi lately, searching for what it is that I have to say or what I can say that is a reflection of who I am. I mean, my favorite bloggers are the ones who do what they're good at, and bring us all along for the ride. I owe a lot of what I know about short hair to random youtube videos. Pictures just don't do it for me, I need to see someone doing it to actually be able to replicate it myself.

What do all of you out there in readerland think? Would you be up for seeing some videos of me try to show you how I do some of these hairstyles? I can't promise the videos won't be awkward. Because they'll probably be SUPER awkward, so at the very least they might be entertaining?

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