a break from momhood #happymamamovement

2014 has been busy. Not busy as in, our family has a lot going on but busy as in - I have so much I want to do but I'm just trying to be a mom right now and so I feel this constant pull in a million directions - busy. 

My Happy Mama Moment this month? When I got to take a break from being a mom for a weekend. And I just got to be a person. A person who walks down the street by herself to get coffee in the morning. A person who goes shopping with the girls. A person who goes out for drinks with friends and laughs until it hurts. 

Earlier this month I took 2 of my girlfriends (Courtney and Kristine) with me on a trip to Portland. Let's not forget, Portland is where my heart is and it was like falling in love all over again once we got there. Have you ever been somewhere you just knew you were supposed to be? That's Portland for me. I barely lived there but feel like it's where I'm from.

We walked around the city, ate amazing food, had a few drinks and some girl-talk. I really needed a break, a weekend to pretend I was an actual adult person again, not just someone who wipes shitty pants of 4 year olds who still shit their pants. 
I got to see Jenn, who I hadn't seen for over a year since we moved from Portland. I missed her so much and we picked right up where we'd left off. This is proof of finding the perfect friends - when you can be apart for so long and it's like you never were. I also got to finally meet Shannon (although I felt like I already knew her...oh internet) and we became instant friends. 

Friends are good. Since moving across the country a few years ago it's been really difficult for me to make new friends. Without having a job, there isn't much of a way for me to get introduced to new social circles. I knew absolutely no one but it's slowly getting easier to find my place and people like me.

My Happy Mama Moment this month came when I wasn't being a mom. It came over cocktails and food with gravy on it. 

Join in and share your Happy Mama Moment from this month!

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