daily life: always at the playground

I made a promise to myself recently that I'd make more of an effort to get out my DSLR and actually take photos. I love capturing our daily life, as it's many of these little things I'll want to remember when I'm old and grey. Also, I have many of the photos I take printed in Iowa for my mother-in-law because it's really the only way they get to see the boys (they don't use the internet much). So get used to seeing a lot more photos around these parts. 

On New Year's Day, we took a little family walk to the playground across the street from our house. The boys love the park and Julian literally asks me non-stop most days of the week, "go park yet, Mommy?" Thankfully it's close. And there's another even bigger/better park a mile away which makes for a nice little work out for me if I want some exercise.

Julian has been so photogenic lately due to the fact that he has a lot to say to me. He likes to just stand around (sometimes very awkwardly) and just look at me, make weird thinking faces, and then construct some sort of small sentence. I happily snap away while asking him questions, getting him to make some very expressive faces. This kid is going to have some very interesting things to say once he figures out how to get all the words out right. 

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