checking in.

The days of winter, of 2014, have just been flying by. I feel like I barely get a handle on one day before we're brushing teeth and reading bedtime stories. This new year has brought on a new season of motherhood for me. I've entered a season of auto-pilot, where all the dreams and crazy ideas that fill my head daily need to be written down and saved. 

I've added much more physical activity to my daily routine so the past couple of weeks I've been focusing on just keeping up with that addition. I'm feeling stronger and leaner, and am just trying to focus on staying consistent. With this addition to my daily life, it feels like many of the other things have just fallen to the wayside as I learn to juggle it all. 

But what has been getting the main focus? My boys. My sweet, growing, genius little people. We go to the park almost daily, we've been reading books non-stop, adding new and more difficult puzzles and activities to our daily routine. They've been showing me how interested they are in learning, so that's what we've been up to. Learning, and going. Just non-stop going. 

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