an afternoon in Muir Woods

Last weekend we took a little drive to Muir Woods, about 30 minutes North San Francisco. People have been telling us for awhile to drive there to see the beautiful forest and redwood trees and now over a year after we've moved here, we finally got around to it.

Julian was still going through his whine-about-everything stage and about 20 minutes after we got there, he got a sliver in his finger from the fence and it about derailed the entire trip. He wouldn't let us try to get it out but he wouldn't stop whining about it. Then he refused to walk anywhere. But you bet your hiney my will is much stronger than his and I wasn't about to let him ruin our time enjoying nature. I put that kid on my back and walked a few miles carrying an extra 40 lbs. At one point he wouldn't stop whining while I was carrying him, and I sat him down for a time out in the middle of Muir Woods forest. Not even nature and National monuments can stop a time out.

Isaiah though, the kid loved every bit of the day. He's been so good lately, I think knowing that he needs to cut us some slack because we're having to give some extra attention to his brother. It's one of the amazing mysteries of twins, they always know when their brother is having a rough time with life and back off so we can focus on the one who needs the help. 

Here's to many more adventures in 2014. 

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