5 things I'm really good at for 2014

Resolutions are dumb. I'm not making any in rebellion. We always have things we'd like to work on, and then when the new year rolls around we all make vague and very unspecific resolutions that will supposedly make life, and us, so much better. I'm over it. I'm a pretty freaking awesome person. I'm nice enough, I'm pretty enough, I'm good enough. Yeah I want to lose a couple of el-bees. Yeah I could probably do more of this and that. It'll happen. In the grand scheme of things that are important in life, I'm good at all of the big stuff.
This year? It's the same as all years except I'm going to set one goal for myself...and it's going to be to rock the hell out of life. In whatever stage I'm in I'm just going to be really awesome at it and appreciate it for what it is. Life isn't just enjoyable when we're "in progress" to becoming a better person. We're good now. I mean, at least I think I'm doing pretty well as a person. 

Life is about the ups and downs. Each year is full of times when we're lazy, when we're really busy, when we're stressed out, when we eat a pint of ice cream for no reason other than the fact that it tastes awesome and who cares? 

This year I'm giving you all permission to free yourself from the guilt you feel for not living up to what you think you should be. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH NOW. We don't need a year to make ourselves better. Sure, it's awesome to have goals but when the goals include like 80 things you need to be better at in a vague list, does that really give you confidence and make it seem attainable? Probably not. 

So instead of a list of things I want to be better at, because there's obviously about ninety-hundred-bajillion things we all suck at, I'm going to make a list of the things that I'm awesome at and going to continue to be awesome at.

1. Drinking coffee and any form of caffeine.
I'm so good at this. I do it everyday. Give it up for my health? Stupid idea. I love coffee, it tastes good, it helps me do all the things and I generally feel like Wonder Woman while drinking it. Giving it up or cutting back would be the opposite of a resolution to make my life better. 

2. Cleaning.
Yep. I'm going to keep cleaning my house. I hate it sometimes but I'm a little crazy in the fact that I feel I need to control stuff and in my life, when everything else is just one giant clusterfuck of crazy, I can clean the shit out of my house and feel alright with the world. Not worrying about the dishes? Pssht. I'll worry about them. I'll clean them and 3 other things just because I can. And because I'm super stoked I have a house that I can clean. 

3. Replying "Your Mom" at any opportunity that I deem appropriate.
Does this make me sound immature and dumb? Probably. Do I care? Your mom does.

4. Waiting until the last minute to do things.
This is how I work. I'm a procrastinator and then I crank that shit out at the last minute like a boss. I'm awesome under pressure. I've tried and tried all of the stupid new years resolutions to "get organized. do things on a schedule." But it just ends up stressing me out. This isn't how my brain works, I'm not going to force it. I like to live life on the edge. And by edge I mean waiting until the exact last minute possible to do anything, ever. Will she get it done?? I don't know!!! It's so exciting! I can't handle the suspense!

5. Being a good mom.
I'm an awesome mom. Sometimes we get caught up in this world of things we think we need to be doing for our kids, parenting has become so stressful these days. There's always something we think we're not doing right or not enough of. I'm a kick-ass mom. My kids seem to think I'm pretty cool. They're alive and thriving and know they're loved. At the end of the day, that means I'm doing a good job.

6. Taking selfies.
Yup. You won't see a decline in these. People can call them lame all they want but I'm going to do it as long as there are bathroom mirrors and front facing cameras. I'm a stay at home mom. I interact with a lot of the outside world via the internet. Having photos of myself gives others a good look at who it is on the other side of the screen. A lot of times, a selfie tells a lot about a person. I'm not afraid to take a photo of myself, even looking deliriously tired, and put it out there for others to see. It's a way of being open and honest like you would be in person, putting your face out there is brave. Sometimes it's vain. Because damn it, sometimes I look flippin' good. Sometimes my hair is killing it. It's ok to be happy with yourself, with your appearance, to be confident and proud. It's ok to communicate who you really are. In this digital where people can bully and be total a-holes hiding behind a computer screen, being honest and transparent is a good quality to have. And I'm going to keep doing it.

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