feeling thankful after thanksgiving

Well, it's officially the holiday season! I have to admit, I put the tree up before Thanksgiving. I just really love the ambiance of a Christmas tree in my living room. And if loving on Christmas a little early each year is wrong, I don't wanna be right. 

I hope you're all nice and bloated and tired after eating your weight in turkey. Isn't a fully belly the best feeling? I know some people might think it's horrible but I take it as something to be thankful for, as so many people in this world can't spend an entire day devoted to just eating a ton of food. We are truly lucky in the most basic aspects of life. 

While I don't have much to talk about today as I'm busy working on all of the orders I received over the weekend, I first and foremost wanted to just say thank you THANK YOU to all of you who have supported my handmade business in some way. Even reading this blog is in its own way supporting me. I truly can't express how much I appreciate it. 

On that note, I wanted to remind you that the 40% sale is still going on through tomorrow night. using the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS at check out. This applies to custom orders as well, so if there's anything you're wanting that you don't see, let me know. 
And one last thing- men's bow ties are officially in the shop. I have a special section, there are also a couple in the Holiday section. Essentially every bow tie now has 2 options; velcro or clip on. Clip on bow ties are good for all ages, although I'd probably use the velcro for most kids. 


  1. Love your hair! That pic you have up on the top right, stunning!

    1. Thank you!! :) Slowly trying to grow it back out hoping it doesn't get too awkward lol