time to grow out the hairs. it's going to get nice and awkward.

Welp. It's time to start growing my hair out. I'm really starting to miss my curls. After about a year of the pixie cut, it's time to move on to something new. I've been somewhat dreading this stage since before I even cut my hair, but thanks to Pinterest I have a little bit of hope for the coming months.

Here is some pixie grow out inspiration I'm hoping will help motivate me to keep going when all I'll want to do is chop off my seemingly endless mullet stage.

I mean, Michelle Williams pretty much always does hair right. 

Um, this is kind of where I'm at now, so WHY DON'T I LOOK LIKE HER? 
Although this is cute..and probably where I'm headed next, I have a big head. And way more hair than her. I will look like a lightbulb. Going to be hot.
Once the sides (and everything else) grows a bit longer. 

Have you ever tried to grow out a pixie? How awkward was it. Have you ever tried to grow your hair out in general? It's always awkward.

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