Halloween 4.0 #NaBloPoMo

So I totally have a bunch of Halloween photos on my camera that I've been meaning to edit (just like all of our vacation photos) but let's face it, it may be a week or so before I get to it. As promised, I wanted to show off a photo or two from our Halloween. 

A few days ago I posted a Halloween flashback of all the costumes I'd made for the boys over the years. I threw together the last minute bat costume for a party I thought we were going to but we ended up not able to go to it, so I at least got a photo of the boys in the costume. 

I mean...how cute are they? I bought $5 black shirts from Target, hand stitched some orange flannel I had on to the front. The wings are made of black jersey fabric, also something from my fabric stash. My friend Kristine made the ears, by sewing fabric to cardboard and then we just glued them to a headband. $10 total for 2 costumes! And although this isn't what they wore on actual Halloween, I fulfilled my inner need to create costumes for them every year just like my mom did for me every year.

For the boys Halloween costume (the original one I'd ordered) I picked Mickey Mouse for both of them. Mainly because they don't really get Halloween yet, but if they could I think this is what they would have picked themselves. AND, it's not too much of a costume so I didn't have to fight to get them to wear it.
And I dressed as sugar skull-faced Minnie Mouse. 
I practiced the makeup a few days before Halloween to make sure the boys weren't terrified of me on the actual day. They stared at me a little bit, and at one point Julian handed me a washcloth and told me to "wipe it off" but for the most part, they were more confused than scared. On Halloween night, they were totally fine.

I even got Chikezie to wear one of the boys' Batman masks. Even though I'm sure he secretly wanted to or probably does when we're all asleep. 

The boys did awesome with trick or treating. I'd talked to them about it for a few days before, telling them we wear costumes and go to the houses on our street. We'll ring their doorbell and they'll give us candy. The boys seemed pretty cool with this idea but when we got the first house, they had no idea what was going on. I coached them through it...and slowly each house got a little better. By the last few houses, Isaiah was going first, ringing the doorbell while Julian knocked furiously lol. Oh, and sweet Julian! Poor kid had a fever and he still did awesome. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and are slowly coming down from your sugar high!

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