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Growing up, my mom instilled in me a strong sense of pride for one's home. From a young age I was always asked to help with cleaning the house. On weekends I'd have to help dust, vacuum, clean windows, do laundry. I didn't really love doing it, but what kid would rather be cleaning than playing? However, now that I have my own home, that sense of needing to take care of my nest has been ever present.
Sure, everyone wants a clean home but at as we get older and life gets more hectic, it feels like this never-ending battle in which we're never ahead. For some reason, my bran won't turn off if I feel there's this list of things I need to do that I don't want to forget. Enter- the cleaning schedule. I felt a little embarrassed at first for even wanting to make one. I mean, how OCD can I get? Is it really THAT big of a deal that I need a schedule? Then I realized, if it'll help me not be so freaked out in my brain about everything I feel like I need to get done, than who the heck cares.

That being said-I wanted to share my cleaning schedule with all of you! I even added a to-do list to the side for you to add anything else you want to get done each week. If you print this out and put it in a picture frame, you can write in dry-erase on the front to cross things off your list and add to the to-do side. 

 Click here to save and print for yourself OR you can also download and edit it in photoshop! 
I've been working on this schedule for months, editing it when I felt it wasn't doable or adding things when I felt it was important. I won't say I keep up with this perfectly; sometimes I'm days behind on a few things. The most helpful thing is that I have a visual list, I know what to expect and I have it planned out. I'm learning I don't have to do it all at once and that I'm so much more at ease when I have the comfort of knowing it will get done and I have a plan.

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