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It's Tuesday at 4:38pm and I just made and took a sip of some freshly brewed coffee + peppermint mocha creamer. Not the sugar or fat free kind, that stuff just doesn't feel right. Full fat, full cream, give me all the freaking sugar, peppermint mocha creamer. I use a plastic bendy straw to stir it, and I drink it so slow that it'll be cool enough to drink out of the straw before I can finish.

The boys just woke up from their nap and are happily playing in the living room. They brought every. single. blanket. from their room to the living room couch and are laying there together, pretending to sleep and then waking each other up. It's only a matter of seconds before this seemingly perfect play is stolen by tug of war over blankets. Then there's screaming, hurt feelings, scolding about fighting from mom and then cuddles until everyone's ego is built back to normal. 

This morning I hardly knew what day it was. Is this my life now? That I'm forgetting the day of the week? My back aches, my lower back that is. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's my slipped disk ever-so politely reminding me that I need to work my ass out, or if it's just that time of the month. You know that time. When your body gives you a big ole middle figner and does all it's reproductive maintenance shit that is really just pointless at this point in time. Why, Mother Nature? Why? When you have a million things to do but your hormones keep slapping your patience around and your outbursts are worse . Sorry boys, I'll freak out after I've told only told you once- because I can't control my rage at absolutely nothing. Don't look at me like I'm a psycho mom. Ok, yeah I'm being kind of a freak. 

I sit here writing this at a table scattered with sewing to-do's. My first ever craft show is this weekend and I'm going in somewhat blind. I've never been to this show, have no idea what to expect. I like to live life on the edge. This also means I've been in some sort of sewing and creative haze of madness for the past two weeks, trying to maintain some sort of balance. I can do this, I tell myself. Only a few more days and then you can rest. But I won't rest. It's the holidays! I'll rest when I run out of coffee.

It IS Tuesday, right? 

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