when your children won't go to sleep and you're slowly dying inside.

We're having sleep problems. Aren't those the worst? Nothing can make you more frustrated as a parent than a change in your kids' sleep habits which requires you to be awake more throughout the night. 
So what's the problem? I think it was being on vacation for 3 weeks. During those 3 weeks we slept in lots of different houses and through it all, I slept in the same room as them. Not only that, but I went to bed with them. We kept them up later and then I went to bed with them each night. Now every night has been a battle. The boys cry and cry and cry and cry when we lay them down for bed. We have night lights, we sleep with lovies, a fan for noise- all of the normal things we've done. 

I don't know what else to do short from going in there and just sitting with them until they fall asleep and honestly-I'm not starting that habit.  So for now I just let them cry for a period, go back in after awhile to try to console them but they pretty much just start right back up when I leave the room. I've tried different techniques - the whole no eye contact/quiet in and out method, I've tried consoling them and loving on them, even in my darkest moments I've scolded them. (Out of my own frustration and then felt like an ass and then consoled them.)

Not only are we having issues with falling asleep, we're having issues with staying asleep. Julian wakes up multiple times each night, last night was 5 times between 11-2. He gets up and goes to his door and whines, I go into the bedroom, lay him down, kiss him and he goes back asleep. And then it's only a matter of time until he's awake again.

IT'S KILLING ME. Chikezie is usually awake until 2am or later (he's a night owl) but most of the time he's playing video games w/headphones so he can't hear the boys crying, and they're in the room right next to me so I'm always the one getting up with them. Even if he did hear them, they want me-not him.

Anyways. I'm not sure anybody can help, I'm assuming this is some sort of stage or adjustment period or punishment for me for keeping them away from home for 3 weeks...I guess I'm just venting? I'm just frustrated. Up until this point bedtime has always been amazing but this past week it's just been a time I dread each day. It's almost 10pm right now, they've been in bed for almost 2 hours and they're still not asleep. 

Tonight I finally decided to leave the hallway light on. They're quiet now, I don't know if it's because of the hallway light or if it's because they've been crying in their room for over an hour (on and off). 

I'm just tired. 

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