it's good to be home

a pretty Iowa sunset from the steps of my mom's house
In case you haven't been following me through facebook or instagram lately, you might have been wondering where I've been for the last month. Aside from going through a blogging dry-spell for the past few months, we also took a little vacation to see our families in Iowa. 

We spent time with both sides of the family, spent 2 weeks away from the husband while he worked away and we stayed in Iowa to play. Hubby and I got a minute to go to an Iowa game together, something we loved to do before the boys and only get a chance to do now every few years. We visited the farm, the boys got to help combine some beans and feed the cows. They met new family members, and others for the first time. I took the boys to watch my brothers play football and my sister play volleyball. We scraped frost off of a car (something we don't get to do in CA) and took a walk by a corn field. 

a bit of wisdom from my mother-in-law's fridge
Now we're back to regular life. After 3 weeks, it feels so good to be home. I'm back to cleaning my house, which is essentially 80 percent of my job as a stay-at-home wife and mom. Breaks from the mundane are always so refreshing and I'm not so caught up in my own head right now about all the things I think I need to do. The boys have gone back to their part time preschool, which I think they missed. And with the new cooler weather, I'm feeling a new surge of motivation to get back to blogging.

I might play with the design of the blog a bit (we all know I clearly have decor ADD) and maybe make a few content changes. I'd like to add some resource pages, on what I'm completely sure yet. I'd like to feature other blogs, people, etsy shops, etc. that inspire me. I'd like to get back to pouring my heart out in this tiny space I've claimed on the internet, I've met so many amazing people and gained many connections through here. I'm ready to be a light of honesty and positivity, to share my ideas and experiences. 

So anyways. Hey everybody, it's good to be home.

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