fall wardrobe inspiration for the fashionably challenged.

TGIF people! This week has absolutely flown by. Now that I'm back home, I'm slowly re-adjusting to the climate. When I left CA, it was still summery temps, now we're more to a comfortable fall feeling and I've been hitting up Polyvore for wardrobe inspiration because let's face it- I'm not exactly on the front lines of fashion. I mean, I try...but these outfit inspiration boards are way-way beyond my fashion comprehension skills. Can the people who make these just come to my house and dress me every morning? Yeah, you're right. That'd be a little awkward, and possibly illegal.

Here are a couple of my recent faves:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Get down with your stylish self.  Yes, I did just say that. More potentially embarrassing sayings coming to Mama Mandolin blog near you!

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