a simple anniversary

So I posted last week that it was our 4 year anniversary...I feel like I posted that a day ago and it's already a week later. Apparently 2013 has just been one massive time warp in which I have no concept of days or time periods. 

What does a 4 year married couple do on their anniversary? We like to keep it low key. Chikezie came home from work early and we had a friend come over to watch the boys so we could head out to dinner. 

I bought him a Mickey Mouse card. Because, what's better than referencing what has taken over our lives in the past few months?  He instagrammed a photo of the card, so that was pretty romantic.
You can follow him on instagram here

After the card, I took him out to dinner. Was going to take him to the Yard House because it's where we ate after we got married. (A lot of people on IG were asking about our lunch hour wedding, and I assure you it's not as romantic as it sounds- you can read about it here). After arriving, we collectively decided that as romantic as it seems, the Yard House doesn't really have crazy awesome food so decided to find another restaurant. We ended up at a packed italian restaurant where we sat at a bar table surrounded by loud people and stuffed our faces quickly so we could leave. When did we turn into such lame old people? 

We found a cute cupcake shop, bought some cupcakes to take home for the babysitters, and went home to enjoy the cupcakes with them. And that was it. It was nice just to get out of the house and have a little "us" time. We've always been good at making simple things feel special, and this little evening together was no exception. 

And of course I wanted at least one photo of us to commemorate the occasion...this was about as good as it gets.
We love each other, it's that simple. 

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