a little Halloween flashback!

Happy Halloween everyone! Thought I'd do a little throwback of the boys' costumes over the past couple of years. Also, my ovaries just drop kicked me a little bit when I saw the boys' baby photos. So. Much. Cute. The dudes still aren't really too cool with costumes so every year I've made their costume to feel not much like a costume. 

First Halloween: Tom Cruise from Risky Business and a monk. 

Second Halloween: puppy and panda bear.

The tails! The ears! It's too much.

Third Halloween: Thing 1 and Thing 2.

And this year we ended up having two costumes, I ordered ones for them because we were out of town and then wasn't sure if they'd be here on time for the Halloween party at my husband's work so I quick threw together a couple of bat costumes....and we never ended up going to the party at his work lol! Such is life. SO, I had them put the costumes on last night, just so I could get a good photo because let's face it, the one thing we parents need from Halloween is a photo of our kids in a costume. 
So here are my little bat boys. 
(They wouldn't let me paint their noses and neither was too cool about the headbands. So I told them they could choose, paint the nose or wear the ears.)

And tonight, on actual Halloween they'll wear the costumes that came in the mail...come back tomorrow to see all the photos!

What are your kids dressing as this Halloween!?

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