Insanity 30 day progress update!

Well, I officially completed my first month of Insanity. It goes for 60 days, so I'm halfway through. It hasn't been perfect, but I've stuck with it and I've seen results.

I thought I'd show some progress photos with you all:

So I know the lighting isn't the same in both of the photos since I took them at different times of the day, but you get the point. The first photos are a little embarrassing, especially the side view. I look pregnant, still! I have yet to lose a single pound, but have lost close to 12 inches all over and a lot of it has been from my abdomen. I've actually just stopped weighing myself. It's not any indicator as to how hard I'm working as I'm seeing results in every way except for the scale. 

What have I been doing for the past month? (It's technically been a couple of weeks over a month since I redid a couple of weeks for missing the majority of them for being sick.) I've been following the Insanity work out plan which is 6 days a week. Sometimes I miss a day. It happens, I'm not perfect. I push myself through each work out and wear a heart rate monitor so I can push myself a little harder when it looks like my heart rate isn't up.  Around 170 I feel like I'm going to die. I try to keep it around 155-160. 
I'm not some super human athlete. I can hardly do some of the moves. I jiggle around, sweat so much sometimes I'm literally slipping in sweat, there's almost always some sort of cussing throughout the workouts. Sometimes I feel slow and weak, especially when it has anything to do with upper body strength because let's face it, I have noodle arms. I'm just a mom (like a lot of you out there) who used to be an athlete, who used to be fit, and somehow just forgot about how to do it all after having kids. 

Sometimes I take the workouts 30 seconds at a time. They move from movement to movement so fast that most of the time the workouts are done before I know it. And that's that. I don't do anything else besides the work out. No extra running, lifting, time at the gym, nothing crazy. Just one little work out most days of the week.

What have I been eating? Mostly healthy stuff. I've been drinking the Shakeology shakes once a day, been having 6 small meals, lots of protein fruits and veggies. You know, how we all know we're supposed to be eating. Nothing special. On weekends I let myself indulge a little (but still keep up with my work outs). Last weekend I had lil smokies, chips and cheesy buffalo dip, pizza. I didn't stuff myself with it, but I had it enjoyed it. 

I don't track calories. I don't write down what I eat. I suppose I could, but I really don't want to. I hate that aspect this whole thing. I'm not going to be counting calories my whole life, I'm not going to be keeping food journals my whole life, I really don't feel like doing it right now. I know statistically you lose more weight when you write down what you eat. I know what I'm eating. I know earlier today I had a share size bag of peanut M&M's. I'm PMSing and wanted that shit. Who the heck cares? I didn't buy a jumbo bag and dump it all over my body. I think it's going to be ok.
So if you all are looking for me to be posting super detailed posts about everything I'm eating and exactly what I'm doing to lose weight, this is as in depth as it gets. Everyone needs to find their own way of doing things. Some people try to be perfect eaters, stick to a diet without "cheating". I hate that word, I don't know why but I feel like it just sets you up for failure. The second you "cheat" on a diet, all the shit you've been doing just flies out the window and you're like "WHEEEE!!! I'm going to eat everything I want today and I'll just start up again tomorrow because I cheated and today wasn't perfect so we might as well just start all over!"

I'm learning to balance life again. Before kids, it was easy for me to put myself first, to workout whenever I felt like it, to not make excuses. After my pregnancy it got really hard to find the motivation to get off my butt or to make the right choices. I've really had some kind of epiphany in this past month, maybe because I have a structured work out plan that challenges me. 

I have another week and a half before we leave for Iowa for a couple of weeks, and I'll be taking the program with me to finish while I'm there. It should be interesting to see how I do on vacation! I'm really excited to push myself while I'm back home and to finish the program with a bang while I'm there. The workouts should also help keep my vacation eating under control!

If you guys have any questions - let me know! You can always follow me on instagram for my daily workout updates (unless it annoys you, then you can just scroll on by!)

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