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If you're wondering about the hashtag in the title - let me explain. The people at Kohl's were nice enough to send me a gift card to find some cute OshKosh clothes for the boys and to tell you about the sales they have going on right now. I just bought the clothes the boys are wearing here at the end of the kid's sale but the baby sale is going on until Sept 22. So there. Go get some cute OshKosh baby clothes. If I had a baby, (no none are coming any time soon) I'd be all up in that business.

Also - they wanted us to share with everyone our kids' talents. Well, my 3 year olds have a lot of talent in boy things like burping, farting and laughing about said farts, getting their afros into massive tangle status. But their biggest talent? Talking. Yep, something we all learn to do at one time or another but for these two boys it's a big job that we've been working extra hard on. So I thought I'd give you all some updates on how hard we've been cultivating this talent of theirs.

It's been quite awhile since I talked to you all about the boys speech therapy and how they've been developing over the past months (year). If you're new here or haven't been following our journey with speech delays and development you can read all about it here.
It's been one year since we started the speech therapy thing and I can't even begin to tell you how far we've come in a year. It seems like a really long time when I really think about how long it's been, but to remember where they were a year ago just really blows my mind on the leaps and bounds they've made in verbal communication. 

So here we are, a year later.
I'm still figuring this boy out. He used to come off as more of a shy kid, however since he's started talking more, he's really started to come out of his shell. He doesn't say quite as much as his brother but what he does say is much more clear. The list of words he uses grows daily, definitely caught up to where he was supposed to be a year ago. 

Julian loves reading books and will sit for much longer than his brother pointing to things he sees. He's using 3 word phrases back to back to back quite often. He loves, loves, loves counting, numbers, the alphabet, shapes. He knows just about all the shapes I can draw, can name just about any letter sees, count to 15 without skipping numbers (most of the time) and just in general counts everything, everywhere, all the time. 
He's also been speaking in a lot of jiberish language lately, usually to people or friends when he wants to seem like he's talking. He does it sometimes when he's playing with his toys as well.  Julian is a little more overwhelmed in big groups of people and sometimes can stay a little more quiet at these times, although he's the first to go to someone and introduce himself loudly and proudly saying, "GOO-EN" (Julian) while pointing to himself. 

Isaiah's speech has truly taken off. He's saying 4-5 word phrases regularly, and combines them with more 3 word phrases...almost speaking in short paragraphs. It's definitely still very choppy, not like some kids their age who would say for example, "Mommy, can I have some crackers please?" He'd say "Crackers please, mommy. How about bunnies?" 

He speaks in jiberish more than his brother and sometimes his words are hard to understand at first until I hear them again or in a different context. He very much loves groups of people and interacting with everyone. He's not afraid to walk up to kids he doesn't know and talk to them just like he would his brother. Not everyone can understand what he's saying but he sure doesn't care. 

Isaiah has a knack for picking up phrases I use a lot like, "Hmm, let me think" and "How about ..." when I'm offering him different options of something. He also likes to tell cars at the stop lights to "get out the way" which I'm sure I've probably told car or two while driving. He also loves counting, alphabet, and anything that moves. 

And-to see the boy wonder in action, counting his little heart out, here ya go:

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