A letter to my 16 year old self.

Dear Mandey, 

Hey. What's up? You're 16 today! Pretty rad, right? (Yah your future self says things like "rad".) I know you failed your driver's test today and cried afterward because not getting your license on your birthday is pretty much the worst thing ever, but don't worry, you'll go back next week and ace it. One week won't kill you.

You are a good person, you're smart, you are unique. You march to the beat of your own drum, your head is almost always in the clouds... you want to leave the small town bubble and see the world. You will, be patient. I'm here to give you some advice to help you get through the next few years. So listen up.

1) Stop tanning. Just stop right now. I know all the popular girls tan but just don't. It's so bad for your skin, not to mention your health. 

2) Take some art classes. You're a super creative person and I know you think you want to be a journalist someday but you're eventually going to be bored out of your mind in the journalism pre-req classes in college and scrap that idea. So why don't we save you some time and money and start taking some art and creative writing classes? 

3) I know you don't date any guys because you say you're waiting for college (for a boyfriend) where you know you'll meet your future husband (and you do. A hot one.) but you're also using it as a coping mechanism because you don't think you're as pretty the other girls. You're beautiful. You might be taller and wear bigger clothes than most of your friends, you might not have stick straight hair and name brand clothes, but you're so much more wonderful than that. Just remember that. And a guy will fall for you in a few years who will love you for who you are.

4) You're smart but you don't care. Try a little harder. You get A's and B's without really trying. Why don't you try a little more? If your G.P.A. were just a tiny bit higher more doors will open for you in the future. Just try a little, ok? And when you get to college, try then too. You'll pretty much do the same thing in college but I know you have so much more potential than just doing the work to have it done. It doesn't seem like a big deal now but it'll matter to you in the future.

5) When you get to college, there are going to be a lot of a-holes. Keep your thick skin on, stand up for yourself. You're going to date a few frogs -a few guys who don't know what they have. You'll cry to your girlfriends and get through it. Just keep your head up, kid. I know you've always felt like you just didn't quite fit in anywhere, but once you get to college you'll find a group of friends who are the home of friends you've always searched for. These people are what life is all about. Hug them while you can because soon you'll move far away from all of them and miss them all like crazy.

Oh-and drink more water.

Love from the future-
Your 28 (almost 29 year old) pretty rad self.

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