I was a little behind in finding a preschool for the boys because I was too busy living in denial that they were that old already- that they're big enough, and basically potty trained enough to go to preschool. The decision was pretty easy because every preschool here is so ungodly expensive $1000 a month per kid for part time?!!?! and don't get me wrong, I'm sure they're well worth the money but to me it's just a part time preschool. We're sending the boys off for some social time and to learn a few things, not to get their graduate degree. 

We'll be sending them to a school district preschool near our house that, while still expensive, is slightly more reasonable, very close to our house, and is just right for us. It's small, just one big room and that's it, unlike some places I've seen where it's one small room in big building with lots of kids. It feels homey, simple and clean. 

The best part? When we took the boys in for the open house, they walked right into the room, found the toys and started playing quietly with a couple of other kids. The boys talked away with each other and at the other kids (the two other girls didn't say anything haha!) and really enjoyed themselves. My two boys, the two shy late-talkers, were the only two kids talking in the room. Oh they're ready.
I'm a little sad we've reached this little milestone. My babies aren't babies; they're starting preschool. I'm sure I'll miss them the first few days and then come to my senses and realize I get 12 whole hours a week to myself now! WHAT? What the heck am I going to do with literally the most free time I've had since they were in my belly? 

I'm going to clean my house without anyone bothering me. You don't know how long I've wanted to just clean without anyone around. Do you know how much I can get done without interruptions? This constantly feeling behind thing that has been weighing me down lately? I'll finally have the time to do stuff! I'll have time to blog all the ideas that have been churning for months, to sew and focus on my etsy shop. I can work out and shower in peace and quiet.

This preschool thing is going to be good for all of us, I think.

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