officially preschoolers - the boys' first days.

I officially have two preschoolers! The boys started half days (M-W-F) on Monday and I can hardly believe they're school kids now. I mean, they still have two full years of preschool before kindergarten but I feel like we've just leveled up.

I had only a couple of worries for their first day, first was how the drop off would go. When we were in speech therapy class earlier this year, the first 2 weeks were pure torture. They screamed bloody murder every. single. time. It killed me. But I'm not one of those moms who wants to stick around and coddle my kid for 20 minutes only to have him freak out when I leave anyways. I prefer to rip the bandaid off quickly-saying my goodbyes and leaving promptly. The sooner I'm gone, the sooner they can get over it and get back to having fun.

I was also a little worried about the potty situation, as they're both not so keen on peeing in any toilet that isn't our own. I know they'll get comfortable with the one at school but the first few days I knew could be tricky.

When we arrived at school, my stomach was churning. I was so nervous and had no idea how it was all going to go. I told their teachers I wanted to sneak out while the boys were playing. They were busy exploring the room and I snuck quietly out the front door. I got Starbucks. I went to the fabric store. It was morning so nobody was there. It was glorious. 

Upon arrival to pick the boys up, they ran to me with happy faces and hugs. They were showing me all the things in the classroom they'd played with. Their teacher said they realized I was gone about 10 minutes after I left. Julian was a little sad but was ok. Isaiah cried for a minute or two and then they were fine. 

Day 2 I decided to tell them goodbye this time, now that they knew what was going on. Julian was 100% fine. Said goodbye, went back to playing. Isaiah, he got a little bit sat (breaking my heart) and cried a little as he watched me out the window as I left. His teacher said he stopped crying after about a minute. 
My favorite thing though, is the feedback from their teacher on how they did each day. I'm so impressed, she knew who they were on Day 2 when we got there. I make a point to dress them differently so it's easier to tell them apart while you're getting to know them. Neither one of them has gone potty at school but by Day 2 they at least went into the little bathroom to wash their hands so...progress. 

I'm told they're both extremely curious. They want to open, look at, find, explore everything. They're super interested in the alphabet, numbers, counting. They're the first kids to volunteer for activities and games. I love every bit of this. This is who they are at home, this is who I want them to feel comfortable to be at school. I love it.

I can't wait to see what the school year brings and the changes I see in these little people, but if the first two days are any indication, they're really going to thrive.

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