Insanity Week 1

So, I'm doing Insanity. I think I found something that will not just challenge me but help strengthen my body. Why Insanity? Why not. I've heard a lot about it, always thought there was no way I could do it, especially with my back injury, but I needed a challenge. If you don't know anything about Insanity, here's a little look at the work out: 

The jumping and plyometrics actually appeals to me. Most of my volleyball training included a lot of jumping and plyo and since it's something familiar to me, it doesn't seem so bad. I really want to lose the last 12lbs I'm holding on to since having the boys. I know I shouldn't focus on a number or trying to be where I was before kids (because let's face it, our bodies completely change during pregnancy) but it's just this goal I've been wanting to reach since having the boys. I felt healthy and strong then. 

Here's the thing, I want to be stronger than I was. I want to be in better shape. I turn 29 soon, and would like to enter my 30's with a bang. The only thing to get what you want is not to wish but to work. And so I'll work. 

The Insanity program pretty much lays it all out for you. The send you a 60 day calendar with all the work outs laid out for you, all the dvd's and a recipe book. The only thing you have to do is stick with it. And let me tell you, it's really hard to make crappy food choices when you know it completely ruins the 40 minutes of pure crazyness that is the work out.
Oh the work outs. As you see from the preview video, it's intense. But I'm SO not in shape, like, hadn't worked out in months, have slipped/herniated disc in my lower back, lack muscle, was making poor eating choices. I push myself in each work out as hard as I can and don't worry about trying to keep up with the robots on the video. Even they can't even keep up. I'm dripping sweat, swearing under my breath, wondering how I'm going to do this over and over for weeks. However, the work outs are only around 40 minutes from start to finish, including at least 10 minutes of stretching. The warm up itself is about 10 minutes and you're dripping sweat. SO after the warm up and the stretching, you have about 15 minutes of actual training and then a cool down. Not bad.

I'm finished with Week 1 and have already seen changes not only in how I look but how I feel. Here's a visual comparison of Day 1 vs. Day 6: 
I haven't lost a single lb, actually up a little less than a lb BUT, when I start an intense work out program, my muscles swell up like crazy and hold on to all the water. I'm feeling a little thinner in the stomach area, as in-my shirts don't fit quite as tight around the belly. Everything else is still the same.

But I feel stronger. By the end of the first week I felt stronger, I could keep up a little better, I'm eating well. I'm still working on tweaking my calorie intake because I don't think I'm eating enough. The guide they give you has an easy way to figure out how much you need and has the simplest meal guide ever. I mean, if I can handle it, anyone can.

So that's it. I re-started week 2 yesterday since I had to take off a few days for our Disney vacation, and I'll give you all another update next week if you're cool with it. 

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