a story about brothers growing up.

A couple of nights ago I had a slight glimpse into what the boys would be like as kids. Like, school aged boys who can speak in full sentences, have opinions and imaginations of their own that they can share with each other. I had a little glimpse.

We walked a few blocks to the mailbox where they like to help me mail etsy orders and on the way home I suggested they hold each other's hand instead of mine while crossing the street. (Don't worry, I was right there haha, I just wanted to see if they could help each other.) After a good 30 seconds of figuring out who puts the hand on the bottom because hey, mom always does that they got an awkward hand hold going. We looked both ways and crossed the street together when it was safe. I figured once we reached the sidewalk they'd let go, as that's how it usually goes with me.

But they held on. They held on to each other the whole way home.

I walked behind them, just observing. They were pointing to things they saw, forming half sentences and saying things that I usually say to them on our walks. Isaiah would lean out in front of Julian's face to annunciate his points and Julian would pull on Isaiah's hand when he wanted to go a certain way.

We reached a sprinkler that was spraying over the sidewalk and I thought for sure they'd let go and run through individually, but they didn't. They squeezed their little hands even tighter, and walked slowly through the mist, hunched over and giggling.

When it was time to cross the street to ours, I again expected them to let go of each other and hold on to mommy for security. They didn't. I guided them to the edge of the pavement, we looked for cars and saw one in the distance so I said, "Let's go-quick!". They squeezed those little hands tight once again and ran together across the street.

And then Julian tripped and fell on the curb, clutched his knee and started crying. I stood him up and we rubbed it, which didn't seem to be working. Then Isaiah reached out his hand toward Julian and in a higher tone of voice than I'm used to hearing from him, he said, "It's ok Yaya. It's ok." 

Julian stopped crying and took his brother's hand. We walked the rest of the way home like this, I followed them trying to absorb it all. The evening sun, at eye level shining at us through the trees. The cool ocean air, giving us a little kick in our step. Those two little boys, my whole world, acting so grown up together. 

Smiling like a big 'ole fool was all I could do to keep from melting into a big puddle of mush right there on the sidewalk. 

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