a quick trip to Disneyland.

In the chaos that has been this summer, and trying desperately to keep up with ... everything, we managed to slip in a super quick vacation. Thursday we rented a SUV and drove our little selves down to Anaheim, more specifically to Disneyland.

The boys travel so well. They took a little nap, ate some snacks and just generally looked out the window quietly the majority of the trip. We got there around 6, checked into our hotel and then rushed off to dinner with a group of Chikezie's work colleagues. The boys ate their weight in french fries and stayed up until 11 pm with not a single tear or fight or melt down. We've always had the boys adapt to our schedule rather than running back home at bed time. I think because we've done this since they were babies, they can handle being out late every now and then without incident.

The next morning we headed to Disneyland. The boys' first ride was the Dumbo ride, we waited in line 20 minutes and they did great, minus a small impatient melt down from Julian right before our turn. We ended going on about 5 rides with them, all short waits because ain't nobody got time to stand in a 45 minute line in the heat with a 3 1/2 year old. 

We decided we only really wanted to see one character, and went through Mickey's house and stood in line to see the big guy himself. I didn't know how the boys would react to him, but the second we turned the corner and saw Mickey, Isaiah pointed and yelled, "MICKEY MOUSE!" It was so cute and made all the waiting worth it. 

They high fived, waved, gave hugs, nose poked, and were just generally in awe of Mickey. I was so happy they didn't freak out and cry. I mean the crying pictures are funny, but I really just wanted them to get it. And they did. 

Their name embroidered Mickey ears are hanging in their room and soon these photos will be printed and hanging for them to remember that one time they high fived Mickey Mouse. (Because when we ask them about the trip all they mention is giving high fives, hah! In toddler world, that must be a pretty big deal.)

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