a date in the city

A couple of weeks ago, Chikezie and I headed to the city for day "date" to meet up with some friends, one whose brother was visiting from Australia. We walked around the city, saw all the touristy things ourselves for one of the first times since usually we're taking our own families there and having to play tour guide.

We walked by an area with some awesome graffiti. I really love graffiti art. Like, actual art. Not the stupid tags and giant bubbly letters. I love art like this:

We walked up the hill to see Lombard Street, one of the curviest in the world? city? America? I don't know. It's pretty curvy. 
And then, because we hadn't walked enough at that point (we walked like 8 miles that day, and for me it was after one of my first days of Insanity and I was in flats...) we decided to walk up and back down the curvy part. Because you know, tourist mode. However, it was worth it because holy awesome view, Batman.

After all that walking we needed food but were too tired to keep walking, so hitched a ride in a Lyft which I'd never heard of but turned out to be one of the best part of the day. On-demand ride sharing. Our van had a pink fuzzy mustache on the front, and the back seat of the van was taken out and replaced with blankets and pillows haha! The guy played awesome music and gave us suckers. And let me tell you, flying around San Francisco hills while stretched out in the back of a van is a little like being in a roller coaster. 
 Please don't mind my creepy husband. He's usually like that.

Oh, and at some point during the day, we even got a decent photo together.

Until next time, San Fran.

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