so it's pretty hot out.

As you may have heard, unless you don't ever watch the weather, it's hot out here on the West Coast. Much hotter than it should be. If you're following me on instagram or facebook or whatever, you know that we have a house that, in the living area, is 80% single paned, floor to ceiling windows. On both the East and West side of the house. We get sun all day long. It's like living in a greenhouse. 

Why no AC? Our house is an Eichler style home, built in the 50's and 60's and not as energy efficient  Poor insulation, flat roofs, lots of single paned windows (a lot of them). Ours hasn't been updated much. So although it looks pretty, it's generally cold in here in the winter and hot in the summer. We have no windows that would fit an AC, and to be honest, we'd pay so much to cool the house because of it's poor insulation. 

I really don't think any of this is that big of a deal. I guess growing up in an old farm house that only had one small wall AC unit that only cooled like, one room of the house, did it for me. And al those years in the Midwest, where the humidity is just as high as the heat. I guess I'm just used to this, it's summer. It's going to be hot. 

However, just like this winter, we're working to make the house as comfortable as we can each season.

We now have sun shades along the front and back half of the house. They make a huge difference in how hot our house gets on any given day. 

We got curtains for the 3 sliding doors in the living area. I close them when it's extra hot or even when the sun shades are down as an extra level of insulation. 

And when all else fails, I hang up sheets and cross my fingers that we don't melt. 

Yesterday the thermometer on my window (in the shade) got up to 100. Our house temp reached 94. I don't even want to know how high it would have been with nothing on the windows. I've now made it a game-to see how low I can keep the house temp and for how long. I mean, I have to make it a game or I'll just be sitting around being a hot, swollen, blob of blah. Because that's how I feel when I'm hot.

This afternoon we're peacing out and heading to our friend's apartment with AC. It's supposed to be even warmer than yesterday, and the boys were both itching and uncomfortable with heat rash yesterday so we're getting out of here. 

I know there are lots of you out there who feel the burn right now. Sending all my keep-cool thoughts to you! 

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