Senior Photos - Josh

Well, these photos of Josh were supposed to post yesterday and due to unforseen user error, they didn't! So, here's the 2nd in my series of senior photos I took of my brothers and sister while they were here visiting. You can see Bryce's photos here.

Part of the challenge of photographing them all together, and specifically the boys, was having them in different outfits, with different backgrounds and different poses. I really didn't want versions of the same photo with different guys. I feel really strongly about this kind of thing with multiples; they're not a group, they're individuals. This is why I don't dress the boys alike, why they don't have names that rhyme or start with the same letter. Although they are part of a pair (or trio) I don't want it to define them in any way.

This is Josh. He is the sweetest guy I know. He's so concerned with everyone's feelings, he wants everyone to get along. He's mild tempered and is just someone you generally love being around. This brother of mine is going to make quite the husband some day, let me tell you. Also...get a look at those eyes and the lashes??! (Not edited at all.) What a stud.

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