Senior Photos - Bryce

While my brothers and sister (and mom) were here, I took the sibs out to some fun locations and shot their senior photos. No, I'm not a photographer. However, I wanted to help save my parents the cost of paying for three senior portrait sessions all at once, and wanted to do something special and unique for my brothers and sister. I do an ok job with my camera, I did some research and lots of searching on Pinterest. I asked for advice from actual, professional photographers that I look up to. I did lots of reading about lighting and how to use what I had to get the best shots.

The final product? I think I did alright for my first time! It definitely helps that my brothers and sister are super comfortable with me so we didn't have to worry about breaking the ice at all. I know their personalities and wanted to do my best in capturing each of them as individuals.

Here are a few of my favorites of Bryce. He's so much fun - always cracking jokes and laughing. He's like the boy version of me so obviously he's awesome. Duh. On our road trips to these fun locations you can bet he was in the front seat both helping me navigate and belting out the words to every. single. song. with me. We're car singers. Also, it was extremely difficult to get photos of him that weren't blurry. He's always moving, or doing something funny which causes me to laugh, which causes the camera to shake...I probably have the most photos of him and the majority of them are blurry lol.

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