National Ice Cream Month!!

It's no secret, I love ice cream. When I was little, my mom used to buy the big gallon bucket and I'd sneak ice cream all the time when she was gone. My favorite topping was Nesquick. Yes, the powder. Seriously, don't knock it until you try it.

Well, unless you know every holiday or celebratory month ever invented, you might not know this month is National Ice Cream month. I mean, it's July-obviously National Ice Cream month wouldn't be like, January. 

Tillamook is doing some awesomesauce stuff this month in honor. If you're from the PNW, you know about Tillamook. They're #1 up there. They don't treat their cows with artificial growth hormones, which is pretty nice of them not to do. I honestly hadn't tried their ice cream, I'm more of a cheese girl. (Pepper jack if you're nosy.) 

This month they're hosting a "Treat Yourself to Tillamook" online contest where you basically tell them why you love ice cream so much (unless you hate it, then you probably shouldn't enter. And then you should talk to a therapist immediately) and why you or someone you know deserves a Tillamook Ice Cream party...and you could win one. Cherry on top included.

Just GO HERE to enter. Now, you need to enter between now and July 16. I know I'm a little late on this, I've been a little busy shoving all of this delicious ice cream in my ice cream face hole. No, really. I tried out a whole bunch of this stuff. If you're extra nosy, my favorites are Chocolate Peanutbutter OMG give me all the ice creams and this amazingly delicious Vanilla Bean. Chikezie has been using this deliciousness to woo me with impromptu root beer floats. He's so romantical.
Stop drooling on my screen. Knock it off. You can have some of your own, even if you don't win this contest. 

TA DAAAA! You get your own shiny coupon. GO HERE for $1 off your Tillamook Ice Cream purchase because seriously, who needs to wait for an ice cream party?

The $1 off Tillamook Ice Cream coupon will be available until July 31, 2013. It will expire within 30 days of printing, so don’t forget to use it soon! Please reach out to Tillamook directly with any questions, comments, or concerns about the coupon: Contact Tillamook []

Now go. Go all of you ice cream lovers, go out into the world and eat all of the ice cream. And if you win a Tillamook Ice Cream party, I'm inviting myself. 

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