Fourth of July Shenanigans

Well, I didn't take many photos of our 4th of July weekend, mainly because I was busy enjoying it. I tend to forget my camera when I'm really having a good time, and that's a good thing I suppose. We had a really low key weekend. Both of my sisters-in-law were here and we all pretty much just hung out, grilled and hung out some more. 

We took the boys to see some fireworks on Thursday night and I wasn't sure how they'd do. They were a little nervous, especially Isaiah, but did great. We helped them plug their ears and for the next few days all they talked about was, "fireworks. LOUD!" And "Fireworks- plug your ears, mommy!"

Oh, and because I can't resist the opportunity for the attempt at a family photo, we had my sister in law snap a bunch of photos on my phone. She knows to just keep snapping for a few seconds in hopes we get at least one non-blurry photo. 


Oh, and here are some more blurry, poorly lit cell phone photos that just make me happy because I took them. Sometimes in life, or most times I should say, we're too busy living to capture the moments. We pull out our phone quick to take a couple of photos to remind us of the day, and then run off to continue living. 

Or your husband is just a big creep job.

Or both your oldest and your husband are weirdos.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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