potty training twins is so much fun.

Potty training twins is no joke. Here's how it's going with both of them:

Julian: Awesome. We do Pull-Ups at night and when we go places, and he pretty much keeps them dry all the time. He holds it and pees in the morning. Unless he really had a lot to drink, he's really good at no accidents. He willingly goes to the potty when I ask, but most of the time he just goes on his onw without even telling me. Number twos are hit and miss. Mostly miss. But I think he's doing really good staying dry. It tells me he really gets it.

Isaiah: Not so awesome. He argues with me every time I tell him he needs to go to the potty. I have to physically drag him in, and once he's on the potty he goes. If I don't make him go, he usually runs off into another room while I'm not looking, pees and then comes to tell me to change him and then points out where he peed. Number twos are equally as ridiculous.

Peace out, potties. I'm officially over potty training. We've been going through this potty training bulls business since the beginning of March. I didn't think the boys were ready then but after a 2 days we were good to go. And now here we are, four months later and no progress made. I'm ready to take some drastic measures. I'm tired of shitty underwear. I'm tired of dumping out the fippin' potties.

Also? The bathroom is TINY. We hardly have room when everyone is in there at the same time. Adding two little potties to the mix is just not working. We had them out in the living space, we're done with that. People do their business in the bathroom, on a toilet. Time to learn about it.

I have two different seats to go on the toilet, one with characters and one softer/plain one. They like flushing the toilet but when it comes to sitting on it? Oh hell no. Sorry guys, we're going to get over it. We REALLY need to get them into preschool in the fall (for speech development and socialization purposes) and I'd like them to be potty trained. I know there are preschools who take kids not-potty trained but I don't want to do that if we don't have to. 

This morning I hid the potties and told the boys I couldn't find them. They both really wanted undies on, I told them no undies until they peed. Julian flipped (because he holds it all night, he sure had to go). He danced around, cried, protested. I opened the toilet lid and threw in two goldfish and told him to pee on them. He finally got the nerve to stand on the stool, the closest he'd been to the toilet. He stood there for the longest time, no pee but at least stood there. Once he got down, he really had to go. And started flipping out. So, I put the lid down, put the soft seat on and just sat his little butt on the potty. He was pissed. He cried and yelled at me until......pee. A big grin came across his face. He did it!  We threw a big party about it.

Minutes later, Isaiah really wanted pants on, I told him he needed to pee first. He was ok with the idea of standing and trying to pee on the fishes. So he stood in there, and seconds later, my kid who has been peeing all over the house, stood up and peed in the toilet. Parties and dancing and singing ensued.

One small victory against potty training. The rest of the day could be a total crapshoot. But I've planted the seed, they get it. 

Pray for my sanity.