King Julian

When you have twins, they are more than likely grouped together. Not on purpose, but people (even me sometimes) tend to think of them as a pair and their individuality gets lost in the shuffle. I'm doing my best to consciously acknowledge each boy as an individual, and parent them based on their personalities. It's difficult because even though they're the same age, they're much different. 

Today, let's talk a little bit about the oldest and tallest, Julian.

He's generous.
Being born only a minute earlier than his brother, Julian truly understands what it means to be a big brother. He is generous, selfless, a peace-maker. If anyone has been around him and his brother, you know there's this constant dynamic of Isaiah always wanting what Julian has. He'll bother Julian for a trade, even if it's the exact same thing. Julian almost always graciously offers his toy back for a trade, just to make his brother happy, even if he really enjoyed what he was playing with. He doesn't want conflict, he just wants to get on with what he's doing.

He's independent.
When it comes to potty training, when he has to go, he just goes to the bathroom on his own without telling me. He doesn't need help pulling up his pants or moral support to do his duty. He's good. He's got this. If it's quiet and I can't find him, he's usually off in room by himself, playing quietly with his cars. Sometimes he just wants to hang out alone, without being bothered. I love this about him.

If he were an only kid, he'd be so easy. I took him to the store with me alone the other day and I can't tell you how easy it was. He sat nicely, talked with me, waited patiently. No whining or requests. Just quietly sitting and observing everything, just like he's done since birth.

He's silly.
If it makes everyone laugh, he'll keep doing it. Funny faces, weird noises. Once he knows it makes everyone happy, he won't stop. If there's a game he's made up and is playing with his brother, if they're really enjoying it together, he could play all day. He's very much like his daddy in this regard. If things are uncomfortable or someone is in trouble, he likes to change the subject.

He's interesting.
Julian is a straight up weird kid. And it's my absolute favorite thing about him. His body moves in weird ways. His gestures and and facial expressions are just so darn funny. We asked him his favorite things to eat and he replied "Nanas!" and then "Garbage!". He speaks a lot of gibberish when he doesn't know the word or what else to say. Sometimes he completely zones out an I have no idea where his mind is. We call him a space cadet because of this, because he's really gone sometimes. I wish I knew what was going on it that little brain of his! As he grows and learns to speak more, I can't wait to hear about all of the interesting things he comes up with. He's going to have quite the imagination.

Other things he's into lately:
Scaring me or being scared. Eating pickles. Stacking blocks and building lego towers. Counting to 5. Racing his brother on their bikes. Dolls/action figures/etc, especially Woody and a little Storm Trooper bobble head we have. Skipping everywhere. 

Oh Julian, you're growing into such a unique little boy. We are surprised by you every day and you are such a calm (in comparison to your brother) piece of our family. Every day is a new chapter of getting to know you and we love you so much. 

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