bow ties!

I know I've been somewhat distant lately-but that's because life has been so, so busy. And part of the being busy is making my etsy shop a priority this summer so I can hopefully spread my wings a little this fall.

That being said, it's wedding season...a perfect time of year for bow ties! 

Just a little reminder, here are some of the things I have in stock, ready to ship. For weddings, I do a lot of custom orders for people, so if you have an idea in mind, I can totally run with it.

And some that aren't currently in stock but I'm working on now AND can be made to order:

Anywho. I'm available. I make things. Email me and I'll be available to make things for you.

You should just visit my shop. OR if you want to be really helpful you could share this post with your friends, because my guess is they know somebody getting married this summer. Or someone who has a kid that digs bow ties. Or both. Or neither. But probably at least one.

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