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I think it's safe to say I've found my creative spark once again. I've been so busy the past week working on some things. On the digital side, I've finally got my landing page designed and functional, . It's the address on my business cards...I wanted my etsy customers to be able to easily find my blog, see who made what they've purchased, get a little bit more invested in the brand and the product.

I updated my business cards, as I was completely out of my old ones. I'm happy about how these turned out and they should be arriving today. Here's a little preview:

AND I designed some stickers to put on the front of my product bags:
The reason I have clear bags? It's such a simple way to store and preserve the product so it doesn't get dusty or dirty. I can easily look in the bin where I keep all my bow ties and see what's available.

I finished up a custom order for a high school friend for a wedding, and I can't wait to see 4 little boys wearing these.

And finally, I started working on a line of lightweight baby blankets I'm going to be adding to the shop. I'm really excited about these. They're made with quality quilting weight cotton fabric and backed with some light weight flannel. I wanted to make something that babeis and kids can enjoy year round. I added rounded edges because I'm not seeing a lot of that with these types of blankets online, and I like the softer look it gives to them.

These definitely aren't just for babies. We have a quilt that the boys got from our friend Kristine that is just about this size and they sleep with theirs every night. Here are a few of my initial blankets:

There really is so much work that goes into running both a blog and online handmade business. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting nowhere but when I put it all together, it's nice to feel proud of all of these things I've created. 

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