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Hello friends, it's been awhile. Earlier this month I took an unintended step away from blogging. Life was starting to get busy and naturally, this little outlet of mine was pushed to the back burner. Now that I've returned and life is starting to settle into a new summer rhythm, I'm ready to come back. 

I have lots of stories and thoughts to get out of my brain before I forget them or before they start to overwhelm me, but I feel like I'm going a new direction with this blog. I don't know where it's going yet, but it's definitely changing. Blogging was beginning to feel distant to me, it wasn't telling the stories I wanted to tell, it felt lack-luster and somewhat of a burden. Taking a few weeks away really gave me some perspective on how I want to record and share my story. 

It feels good to be back, and feels even better to have some motivation to dive deeper into where I want things to go and how I'd like to get there. I generally avoid having plans for things such as these, but I feel a plan forming. This all seems so vague, doesn't it? Well, that's where I am right now, in some vague state of change. 

I hope you all stick around during this transition and period of finding my voice. I've loved connecting and sharing with you, after all- some of my very best relationships have stemmed from this silly ole' blog. 

Cheers to being back. And to new possibilities.

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